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In today’s busy world, home has become more important than ever. Log homes are an increasingly popular alternative for more organic, healthy and ecological living. Living in a genuine Honka log home makes a perfect excuse for more home-time. A Honka home is the start of a new life.

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We can contract the whole cycle of the project, our team will be ready to serve your needs

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Got a Plan in mind or not? We will help adapting and designing it to a wood structure while abiding international wood structural laws.

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With a wide range of services, partners and suppliers at your disposal, you can count on us to build the house that’s right for you, delivered on time.

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We care about nature, provide design services such as plant selection, layout, and oversight from concept to completion.

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Sassine Square, Achrafieh
​Douaihy Bld. 1st Floor
PO BOX: 5607-466

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Honka: +961 3 566 698 | +961 3 205 764
Architect: +961 3 461 768

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Your Log Home ... To Perfection

About Honka Lebanon

Honka Lebanon started its activities more than 15 years ago and provided Prime Living Houses across all Lebanese territories. Our patented and design-protected innovations help make sure every Honka house is a warm, cozy, healthy home for generations to come.

We Design.

Our team will help you start from scratch, our design department will look into your lifestyle and requirements and draw your log home to it's final details

We Build.

Our team will monitor, supervise and build your structure. Our contracting services are flexible based on your needs. 

We Maintain.

Living in a Honka Wooden home doesn't require heavy maintenance as long as all standards have been applied. Moreover we will guide through all the steps needed to better maintain your structure so it lives 100 years...

Need advice?​

You do not know where to start from, or simply got some questions in mind? give us a call and we'll lighten up all issues

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Looking for more than Wood, it's Fusion

Honka Fusion™ is our very own state-of-the-art concept that allows genuine massive wood to be easily combined with other building materials, such as glass, stone and steel. Honka Fusion houses are very suitable for modern architecture and urban settings.

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Faqra 2013​

 “Faqra 2013 is a 700 sqm home which oversees Kanat Bekich, it holds 6 Bedrooms, Family Room & a large Double Height Living area of 130 sqm...”

Honka Log Home, 700 Sqm, Faqra - Lebanon

Healthy & Organic Living

Wood has been loved by people throughout the ages. It is soothing, aesthetically pleasing and it performs well acoustically. It absorbs sounds and creates a calming, relaxing atmosphere. We at Honka are passionate about good living. We believe in creating architecturally beautiful, functional and most importantly, healthy log houses that are built for families and generations to come.

A genuine Honka log home provides a healthy living environment with organic building materials, high indoor air quality and a warm, stress-reducing atmosphere. It’s an ecological home that quite literally takes good care of the people within its walls.

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