Why a Log Home

Wood as Building Material

Wood is one of the most endurable building materials, and its warmth, natural insulation qualities and antibacterial effects make it the ideal material for building a warm, airy and healthy home. Finally, building a wooden house is faster and far more acceptable in environmental terms than typical concrete/brick constructions, and this is why more and more people opt for a log house.

Advantages of a wooden house compared to a typical concrete/brick house include:

  • Faster construction and delivery of the wooden house
  • Improved thermal insulation (reduced costs of heating and cooling) of the wooden house
  • Natural Appearance
  • Elasticity and resistance to earth tremors
  • Lower costs of building
  • Cleaner and healthier environment in all stages of building
  • Healthy and anti-allergy environment
  • Ability to move in immediately after the completion of the works

Everyone who had the opportunity to spend some time in a wooden house and see it in all its warmth, natural quality and nobleness, considered it as a special and unforgettable experience and wanted to repeat it. The endless possibilities of shaping the final product offer countless possibilities in designing the exterior and interior to suit your particular needs.

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