About Honka Lebanon

The story

Honka Lebanon started its activities more than 15 years ago and provided Prime Living Houses across all Lebanese territories. Our patented and design-protected innovations help make sure every Honka house is a warm, cozy, healthy home for generations to come.

Honkarakenne – a global pioneer in healthy and ecological living

Honka was founded in 1958 in Eastern Finland when five brothers became interested in building houses. Today, Honka is a global pioneer in modern log building technology. We have built approximately 85,000 houses around the world and come up with countless innovations that have changed log construction to its core.

The Saarelainen brothers had a dream

Living in the far north, the Finns have always been innovative and skilled craftspeople. The land was sparsely populated and neighbors were too far away to bother with small problems. This made us good at doing things ourselves.

Living in the forestry Finland, the Saarelainen brothers grew up getting to know, love and understand wood. They dream of creating houses of Finnish pine and giving people around the world a chance to enjoy the soothing benefits of solid wood.

These brothers were the founders of Honka, the first industrial log house manufacturer in the world.

Natural materials and pioneering expertise

Our log homes are crafted from the finest wood, with years of knowledge and experience. To ensure that each and every Honka house is made to the highest quality standard using the best possible material, we source and refine all the logs we use ourselves. All the wood we use originates from PEFC-certified Finnish forests that are sustainably managed.

All Honka log homes and buildings are manufactured in the world’s most modern log house factory in Karstula, Finland. The manufacturing site is brimming with unique technologies, created in-house, and the latest massive investments took place in 2014. The high level of automation helps ensure that the woodwork behind every Honka house is dimensionally accurate. It also makes the on-site installation and building processes quick and easy.

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